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July 21st, 2008

Readercon 2008.

In general, Readercon was great and I had a lot of fun conversations with a lot of fun people.

However, what with one thing and another, my stress levels were significantly higher than at, say, WisCon, and sort of put a damper on the enjoyment.

Moaning and groaning cut for those poor souls who had to hear all this in real-time over the course of the con and are going to punch me in the throat if they have to hear about it ever again.

Thursday and Friday here, in real-time!Collapse )

This I'm not cutting because it affected more people than just myself.

Saturday: A friend is being eyed by a Particular Dude like he wants her in his taxidermy collection, and she's understandably creeped. I get Enraged and file a complaint against "some dude who looks like the lovechild of Buffalo Bill Cody and a tangerine". The con staff and the hotel security are amazingly responsive (unfortunately I didn't catch the name of the hotel security liaison or the con's Security Chair, but con Chair B. Diane Martin got 100% involved as well and took it incredibly seriously. Within thirty seconds they were in the lobby taking our complaint; within an hour we were informed he had been escorted out by hotel security and police.

Turns out the guy's Aaron Agassi, who should be no stranger to this kind of thing. (Kicked out of Arisia and Boskone, I hear, though I could only find proof of Arisia and the blurb doesn't end on a promising note.)

Fun fact 1: Apparently, on his way out of the hotel he grabbed a total stranger and begged her to help him, which meant he got to ride in the Special Police Car instead of the hotel shuttle.

Fun fact 2: Judging by the stories I heard over the rest of the con, he was staring at quite a few women before he got chucked.

So, THAT was fun. Though it was a much smoother and more encouraging experience thanks to the con staff and hotel staff, who acted decisively and seemed genuinely upset this had happened at all.

There were lots of fun times, but those were less bloggable, in that "And then we sat around and drank things and talked about things!" gets repetitive.

I'm giving myself a couple of days to decompress before I start thinking if I'm in for next year or not, mainly because if I made a hotel room reservation I would be tempted to call them every afternoon between now and July 9, 2009 to confirm, and that's just mean.

ETA: Courtesy of a helpful commenter, I have names!

"Diane Martin is Readercon's Hotel Laison.
Our Con Chair is Louise J. Waugh."

Thank you, Anonymous! I promise not to lose any more pieces of paper with names written on them.


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