Genevieve Valentine (glvalentine) wrote,
Genevieve Valentine

Oh, it happened.

What I did this weekend:

I saw Breaking Dawn, Part 1. It was, in its own way, a fascinating example of a film that has all the content of a horror movie and none of the context. Also in its own way, it was stupid and cringey, and when Jacob looks into the eyes of a newborn and falls in love with the hottie she'll become if he can just babysit her for the next 18 years, you honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry. (I laughed. Then I made horrified faces at my friend.)

Speaking of awful movies that are seen with friends, the other thing I did this weekend was a guest post at The Night Bazaar, in which they asked me to be both personal and sincere at the same time, and write up some people I am thankful for. I included my family, the family that keeps my family up at night, and all the friends who have ever sat through a terrible movie on my account. Because seriously, everyone who comes here with WHAT WAS THAT on the tips of their fingers is fighting the good bad-movie fight (it's a real fight, shut up), and it's awesome. Thank you.
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