Genevieve Valentine (glvalentine) wrote,
Genevieve Valentine

Strange Horizons Fund Drive, and Channel Flipping!

I've been trying to think of a way to encourage people to support the Strange Horizons Fund Drive, as I think they are a neat magazine, which you can tell because I send them stories, and sometimes write a column for them that uses "cinema" to mean storytelling techniques that do not involve pushing your brother off a cliff.

To that end, I wanted to offer what I always love to offer - to watch the worst movies you've ever seen, and then to explain them to people. However, usually I offer those for auctions, and then attempt to review the winner to within an inch of its life, which can take a while. I want to try something different this time, because I appreciate everyone who contributes, and almost-instant gratification is always fun.

So we're going to channel flip! It works like so:

Leave a comment here, and tell me that you have donated. (We'll do honor system for this, I pre-emptively believe you, everybody is in on this trust circle except my friend Eileen, who told me she would probably just lie, so not her.)

Give me a movie or TV show of your choice. (Hopefully within the realm of things I am willing to sit through, a representative sample of which can be found here. Hostel is not in that realm, for example. It is like four hundred realms away.)

And I will review ten minutes of it at random. This includes screenshots of the most random frames I encounter on my short journey, and making up any context I don't have. It's a journey we all take together, except it's the journey you take whenever you're channel flipping.

Obviously the instant-ness of the gratification will depend on how fast I can actually obtain materials, but let's hope in the 21st century with the postal system and everything that Netflix can come through for me in a reasonable fashion.

Please feel free to pass this one along; the time constraints mean I’m happy to do this for as many people as possible until I burn out, which will probably happen at some point, but until then, spread the word and let's see how much everything feels like a David Lynch movie when you only have ten minutes of it to talk about!
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