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Word, a Busy Week, and Con or Bust!

Okay, so, I now have THREE events next week, which is great news because they're all awesome and bad news because I will have to do laundry.

The newest one is actually the soonest: Monday, February 18, at 7pm I'll be at WORD in Brooklyn alongside Ellen Datlow and Marissa Meyer to discuss fairy tale revisions, which will be aces! (Except if you really want to hear me say good things about Snow White and the Hunstman, in which case it will be the opposite of that.)

On Tuesday, February 19 at 6:30pm, I'll be at Fluevog NYC (250 Muberry St) to discuss Fashion in Fantasy with a cadre of awesome writers! (More details - including a discount code for Fluevog that evening! - available here!)

And on Saturday, February 23, from 4-7pm, in the Cooper Union at 41 Cooper Square, I will be participating in a panel discussion on the Victorian Gothic! This will probably also include me reading some passages from everyone's favorite proto-Dracula Sapphic potboiler Carmilla, because that thing is amazing to read out loud. (More details for this are here!)

Basically I am really looking forward to a week of talking about things I love talking about, and if you'd like to join me, I would love to talk about them with you! (Even Snow White and the Hunstman, I guess. We like talking about Chris Hemsworth's spotty acting, right?)


In other news, it's Con or Bust time of year, and I have two things I'm auctioning!

As always, if you want to make me write up a truly dreadful film, here's your chance! You could also surprise me with an amazing film, but let's be honest, you want me to watch this year's Left Behind, and I'm fine with that because science. If you can find a movie even worse than the one in which people too sinful to go to heaven include the girl who did a thing without her dad's permission, and every last one of those people ignores the plight of helpless creatures who have ACTUALY been left behind, then you should do that! Then pay Con or Bust some money to prove to me that it's true.

The second one is a set of the Galaxy Quest Vox Communicator and Ion Nebulizer! Now, for the high-price fast-paced collector of what might be the single Galaxy Quest commemorative item ever issued, please let it be noted that the bottom of the box and the flap just under the window have some cosmetic damage (not from me, I just want to say that), which means the box is not in mint condition. The set, however, totally is! And if you've been working on some Galaxy Quest cosplay, you should 1) bid on this and 2) link me to your blog reveal of it. If you haven't been thinking of Galaxy Quest cosplay before, let me remind you that Brandon wore jeans and a tee shirt…and a Vox Communicator with which he saved the Protector, and also all of Earth. So, just think about that, is all.

You can check out that and many other delightful finds at the main site for Con or bust - bidding goes until the 24th!
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