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The Supersizers: Wartime

Welcome back! After the unqualified success that was pointing a camera at Giles and Sue as they ate stuff, the BBC snapped them up for twelve more episodes chronicling a spotty and hilarious history of food. This week, it's Wartime, as Sue and Giles go back to the home front and make do and mend, do their best to entertain GIs, and only occasionally inform people nearby what's going on.

Note: The comparatively dull pilot got away with a normal amount of screencaps. That is...not the case here.


Era: Wartime (the 1940s)

Chef Grade: Allegra McEvedy, A++ cheffing

Best Guest: The American GIs who appear with their manners booklet in hand and a can of pineapple in their bag, and are amazing sports through a truly surreal teatime.

Best Food Moment: Sue eating a lamb chop inside a cupboard. We'll get there.

Worst Food Moment: Sue eating unseasoned, watery nettle-and-snail stew...

Equality Now!: ...while Giles has a Churchill feast underground.

Worst Thing Giles Says: Pretty sure everything he says in the Churchill bunker is dudebro nonsense, but he also draws a non-Sue naked woman to lie down next to in the Tube, and I think that takes the cake this week!

Best Sue Thing: I realized while recapping how hard these are going to be. She makes a lot of faces. Either the snails she names, or her GI makeup routine, I suppose.

Moment Giles is Most in Love with Sue: A quiet moment when she says something mildly fond and he totally loses his ability to even; this is no small feat in an episode that also features him licking a gravy stocking off her leg.

Most Random Moment: If you think the producers are not punishing Giles, you have not seen him take flights of stairs at night so he can sit on a roof in the dark and eat Spam.

ASPIC. Actually, I don't remember any! Hard to make it out of nettles, I guess.

Quote of the Week: Courtesy of an American soldier reading from a 1942 guide to the British - "The British don't know how to make a good cup of coffee. You don't know how to make a good cup of tea. It's an even swap."

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