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Sleepy Hollow: "Sanctuary"

The best thing about Sleepy Hollow this week was the person who used Cillian Murphy as the base for their photomanip of Lachlan Fredericks:

The rest of the episode was a bit of a rocky ride; the haunted-house setup turned into another attempt to shoehorn Katrina into the narrative, this time to channel Ichabod's rage about the weekly plot twist in time to save the day. It's easier to expand on this in the spoilery recap, but in general, Katrina is this show's way to tie all the monsters of the week together, and promoting her in the credits hasn't made her a major character. She's still barely a character; someday, maybe, she'll move past being a supremely handy backstory device and occasional exposition dealer. (PS, I joke all the time that I hope she'll turn out evil, but after this episode I'm not sure I'm joking.)

Of course, the episode isn't a total wash. Our heroes are as clueless about haunted houses as anyone else who's ever stepped into a haunted house, which makes for the usual shenanigans and a chance to yell at Abbie and Ichabod about what the hell they think they're doing, which interestingly we don't often have a chance to do; one of the reasons the show moves so fast is because they tend to react as quickly as possible to bad news, which keeps them from lingering in Bad Decision State Park for too long. As always, the line delivery by our leads is pretty great. And Amandla Stenberg has shown up for her subplot, and is so painfully adorable I hope she ends up a full-time member of the team somehow when she can get away from homeroom or something.

The other best thing about this episode, though, was to see how the Armory/Batcave/Where Ichabod Mostly Is Because That Cabin Is Too Far From The Action Room is shaping up:

So many lamps! So much adorable vintage storage! Side tables within easy reach! Separated conversation groups, with an ancestry discussion section back in the corner, and an after-demons cooldown area over to the left, and an occult-studies area on the right, plus unholy art lighting on your valuables! Domino magazine has been here.

As always, the full recap is up at io9!
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