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A Golem for Christmas in Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is back, which means my weekly quota of good-looking people bickering marvelously with each other and running away from stuff in blue-tint day-for-night is back to normal levels! It feels good.

This week was a heaping helping of daddy issues, though; while the themes were certainly cohesively presented, and while Tom Mison has sold every possible hairpin turn in all of this without losing either Ichabod's humor or his humanity, this arc hasn't worked quite as well as Abbie's early stuff. Part of this is that Ichabod's backstory requires a lot of retconning at a time when we didn't particularly need all that stuff retconned (the Horseman could just have been a Hessian dude, we'd have been fine, he's already a nemesis without dragging Katrina into the middle of a prizefight). And part of it is honestly that Abbie's story is one you don't see on TV that often, and was a more interesting and internal arc; you can Grace Dixon me all you want, but Abbie's been sidelined for a few episodes now to the detriment of the show, and the only place this has gotten us is knowing that Ichabod's firebug son burned Grace Dixon to death, which is not super helpful.

However, as always, everyone had amazing faces. Tom Mison, always a contender, made a strong showing with his Mirkwood Lumberjack Elf audition tape:

Unfortunately, he forgot he was in an episode with Amandla Stenberg, who not only has an amazing face but who got this fantastic shot in which she looks more Revolutionary-era-appropriately dressed than almost anything they've managed for Katrina:

This honestly intrigues me; coupled with the new threats about her that Irving was dealing with in the park, it sounds like Macey is going to find herself battling the forces of evil. (I need her to not be connected to Ichabod, though, because seriously, somebody has to sit that one out.)

But nobody's face this week could top the baby who was handed the doll Katrina made on purpose to comfort a child, even though it was a living nightmare, and you can gloss over it all you want, show, but that baby's face says it all:

So, full marks for knowing in episode 5 that you were going to be bringing this golem back in conjunction with the witches in Katrina's dream house, that is A+ continuity. However, that baby's face. Thank you, that is all.

As always, the full recap is up at io9!
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