Genevieve Valentine (glvalentine) wrote,
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The Observable Universe, and other stuff

As we careen toward the end of the year, I'm buried in a project and everything else has vanished into the wordcount haze; I appreciate Reign and Sleepy Hollow going on hiatus to allow me this break, but it also means I've fallen off keeping this blog up to date whatsoever. So instead, a quick roundup:

At io9, I wrote up Dark Universe, a fantastically impressive planetarium show that put you in the middle of the observable universe (literally), explained what was happening, and then talked about a ton of stuff no one's figured out yet, so you get to watch the ceiling investigate redshift and start wondering for yourself. It will be traveling after its time at AMNH; in the meantime, catch it here if you can.

AV Club has been wrapping up the year with a Best Of/Worst Of. For Best Of, I got to contribute some thoughts about Top of the Lake, which was one of my favorite series of the year, though picking just one scene to highlight was almost impossible, since the ones I felt were most telling were things like, "Somone looks out a window," and at some point that just becomes unfair. "Look at all the sad people, sad for reasons this clip doesn't explain! WATCH THIS SHOW."

My contributions to Worst Of, however, were easier to encapsulate, since one of them was a Joan Watson moment so surreal and unnecessary and awful that it's soured a lot of the season for me. (I'll still go to bat for its first season, which was fantastic, but this season has been one long slow slide of disappointment.) The other Worst involved Bill Nye's premature departure from Dancing with the Stars. If you haven't seen him creating a cha-cha-cha monster in a lab to the tune of "Weird Science," treat yourself.

And a little while back (wow, I am bad at updates) I was asked to hop over to the film side of things for "It’ll change your life, I swear: 12 music-preaching film scenes." I wrote up Amadeus, because I know what the hip kids go for these days.

In other film news, I'm currently reviewing movies for the Phildelphia Weekly, which is fun and exciting work except when you have to watch The Wolf of Wall Street. We've talked about The Hobbit here already, so I wanted to offer a counterpoint with a movie I actually liked; Inside Llweyn Davis is a bizarrely charming folk fable of stagnant people living in a surreal and ultimately futile world, so it's like seeing The Hobbit except there's more folk music here.

Hopefully I'll have a few more things to talk about before the end of the year; in the meantime, I'm going to go type "No, I said that YOU said I said it, not that YOU said it" about five hundred times to fool my wordcount ticker.
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