Genevieve Valentine (glvalentine) wrote,
Genevieve Valentine

Epics and "Insects"

It's indicative of how this year has gone that I haven't had a chance to put my end of year post up yet. I will! Hopefully before the end of this year. (Hopefully.)

In the meantime, two updates:

Not at all inspired by seeing The Hobbit: Now Only 15% Hobbit, I wrote a piece for io9 about what happens when everything is epic. Obviously fantasy will always have room for epics, and epics can make great stories, but not every story makes a good epic. Unfortunately, Hollywood won't consider until epics stop making money, so we'll all just wait here, I guess. (I also threw down a little for the Secret of NIMH, just because.)

Second, my upcoming story, "The Insects of Love," has an awesomely unsettling cover, thanks to Irene Gallo and artist Tran Nguyen:

The story itself is slated for April 2014, I believe.

Okay, now to leave the house for the first time in [don't ask] and tackle some end of year errands, and then an end of year blog post, because seriously.
Tags: io9, movies, writing
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