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Sleepy Hollow Exorcises Some Demons in "Vessel"

Technically, it got rid of a demon in the actual episode. But mostly, it got rid of the demons that have been haunting what feels like five episodes in a row of convoluted and often-confusing backstory for Ichabod, all of which required Tom Mison to pull out the very depths of his manful crying (he did great), and required us to care deeply about what was going on with Katrina (I literally only care about what's going on with her if she's secretly evil, because it's the only explanation for all the obfuscation that doesn't just demote her from human being to "a series of plot points held together with corset lacing").

Instead, the episode focused on the Mills sisters (yay!), and got back on track for an eventual Moloch face-off.

Speaking of face-offs:

Oh, you kids.

Sadly, Ichabod is doomed to lose this round, because after he namedrops Benjamin Franklin and the plot lantern of great holiness, Abbie gets to make the face we have all secretly been making about Ichabod's endless name-dropping in the service of unimaginably relevant and useful magical items from America's Revolutionary past:

Yes, Ichabod, we've all heard how you carried papers to the First Continental Congress, thanks, that's great.

An Abbie face we never got but I will always feel we should have: her expression when she realizes the depth of Jenny's suffering during their years apart, and that their secret-mutual-surrogate-dad had been so much closer to Jenny, and even though Corbin's friendship was life-changing for Abbie, he'd kept secrets from her than he never kept from Jenny. That deserves a face, show. She should have gotten her moment there.

However, even Abbie loses out, in a surprise smackdown by Sheriff Temporary Demon Vessel, who gets to give the most amazing face of the entire episode:

Work that stinkeye, Rudy Noble. I want you around next season as a reluctant civilian liaison whose entire job is to coordinate highway shutdowns and stare at Abbie and Irving as if he can't even believe they are asking him to coordinate ANOTHER highway shutdown for classified reasons.

You can check out some other amazing faces and a lot of feelings about sisters at the io9 recap!
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