Genevieve Valentine (glvalentine) wrote,
Genevieve Valentine

Sleepy Hollow's Come and Gone

Last night, in the season finale of the show no one ever believed would be the cheeseball wonder that it is, everyone and everything Abbie and Ichabod love in Sleepy Hollow was in the balance. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, FOREGROUND.

It was a two-hour cheesefest that included zombie George Washington (you heard me) who rose from the dead just to make a map of Purgatory other people could use later and then I guess just re-died like a normal guy, and then involved someone else who rose from the dead and gets pretty pissed about it! It also involves a Purgatory that looks suspiciously like a Cirque du Soleil number, if that's your thing.

This show has been largely a super fun time; it has has a couple of record-scratch moments (the entire Sandman episode), and had some lag in the back third (it's too late to care about Katrina, show), but I love a show that treats most of its characters with genuine interest, and its plots with absolute nonsense.

Sure, at several points I had a face like one or the other of the Mills sisters:

But that's what happens when you pack 160 pounds of plot in a 3-pound box for 12 consecutive episodes and then try to wrap everything up. (By the time characters are going "Don't you remember that important thing I never mentioned?" you know it's a season finale.)

Since this is one of those Everybody-in-Peril finales, we'll all be tuning in come the fall just to see who survived contract negotiations. In the meantime, it's never too late to start watching, if you've been curious. Have some "Wait, what?"s ready if you do.

The supersize finale recap is, as always, up at io9!
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