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Invisible Women, Earth Girls, and Sherlock

I wrote about some things!

(I'm resisting the urge to use this picture for every reaction shot I ever need. You're welcome.)

For Philadelphia Weekly, I reviewed The Invisible Woman, a historical drama that seems on the surface to be about Charles Dickens' affair with young Nelly Ternan, but is actually about Nelly's search for identity in a world of women who are in various stages of well-adorned captivity. It's a quietly surprising movie and an insightful period piece. I appreciate that director Ralph Fiennes did not let actor Ralph Fiennes take over any aspect of the story; it's more a story about Nelly's quest for love with a man who's always more interested in his public than in the personal, and how that affects her. Very well done.

I am also covering BBC Sherlock this season for the AV Club. As a fan of many Holmes adaptations, I said yes; as someone who remains disappointed by this particular adaptation, I said about 1600 words worth of other things. That recap is here if you're curious. (I've been told it's a good idea to avoid comments.)

And since we should end on a more up note than whatever's probably in the comments of that Sherlock recap, I wrote "Brand New Girl: Gender Performance in Earth Girls are Easy"! Because of all the sci-fi comedy musicals that tackle gender performance, this is the other one, and there's nothing like a cynical musical number or two about squeezing yourself into a gender-performance mold in a movie that assumes male aliens will innately understand heterosexuality and flirting. "Nailed it," said this movie. Then it had another musical number about gender performance.
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