Genevieve Valentine (glvalentine) wrote,
Genevieve Valentine

The Kingfisher Club Launch Party!

Last time a book of mine came out, I threw a circus. For Girls art the Kingfisher Club, I wasn't about to let me show myself up, and there seemed only one thing to do.

It's official: I'll be throwing a speakeasy for The Girls at the Kingfisher Club on Tuesday, June 3, and everybody should come!

From 7pm until 11pm on June 3, come down to the the Back Room Bar and celebrate The Girls at the Kingfisher Club!

Some details:

- I thought about passwords and everything, but forget it. If you can haul down to the Lower East Side for this shindig, that's your password, you're all done.

- Courtesy of Atria, free books will be given to the first 50 attendees!

- To expand on the invitation note, you are welcome to attend in your fanciest flapper attire if you're into it! That would be awesome. However, it is not at all required. (If you'd like a barometer, I will probably not be dressing up in a sparkly dress myself. Fancy Pajamas is about my level of party wear.)

- It's a cash bar; snacks will be provided, and I'm doing my best to accommodate various dietary restrictions, though that tends to be something of a Venn diagram. If you know you're coming and have dietary restrictions, drop me a line so I can make sure I have something for you.

- Accessibility note: The Back Room is located at 102 Norfolk St, which is an alley entrance. There is a flight of stairs down to the alley, a short flight up to the bar, and a shorter flight to reach the bar's restrooms.

- If you have any other questions, please let me know, and I hope to see you there!

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