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The Musketeers (and other travel)

Catching up on stuff!

NPR’s summer reading list this year is Book Your Trip, which groups some really interesting books by mode of transit (including an entire category for hot air balloons). I contributed a handful, including women-crossing-Antarctica biography No Horizon is So Far, Wild Seed, and From the Mixed-up Files (a journey at which I marveled as a child, and more so now, given that as an adult I am only fractionally more on top of my daily life than they were when they lived at a museum).

I also got to review The Musketeers for The AV Club! Yes, the whole series has aired in the UK already, so many people are already aware of the cheesy yet well-acted fun times that await them (not to mention the parade of guest stars, which is a veritable bingo card of "I loved you on your eight other shows!"). If you haven't, and you like a bit of adventure that gently tweaks traditional gender roles and touches on social ills while still letting Milady de Winter end the first episode by strangling a priest as she spits out "I WANT REVEEEEENGE," then you have very specific tastes, but you are also in luck. The review goes into some details, including Tom Burke as the super, super, super haunted Athos, and Peter Capaldi as the very best man for the job. (Yes, it's a tiny reunion of The Hour Season 2! NO I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, I'M STILL NOT OVER THE HOUR.)

In other AV Club news, I participated in the Tournament of Episodes, in a bracket that included Bob's Burgers "Turkey in a Can" facing off against The Good Wife's "Hitting the Fan," which was honestly a tough call. But I made that call, right over here.
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